Christina Salmivalli

Professor of Psychology Salmivalli has 25 years of experience in research on bullying and its prevention. She has published numerous widely cited research articles, book chapters and books on peer relationships and bullying, and has been the chair of numerous large-scale projects funded by the Academy of Finland and other Finnish and European funding organizations. Prof. Salmivalli’s participant role approach and work on bullying as a group phenomenon is well known. Her research on bullying has in particular been on classroom characteristics, peer norms as well as bystander influence and student-adult relations. Prof. Salmivalli led the development, implementation and scientific evaluation of the KiVa program. KiVa antibullying program was developed in Finland, with funding from the Finnish ministry of education and culture, and has been used by 90% of Finnish schools providing basic education (grades 1-9). Recently, the program has become available in several other countries as well.