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Poster presenters

MONDAY MAY 8TH, 13.00 – 14.15

Claire Fox, Simon Hunter & Di Sian Jones – A prospective investigation of peer-victimization and loneliness in best-friend dyads: The effects of gender and friendship stability

Anamarija Žic Ralic & Daniela Cvitkovic – The correlation between teacher and children’s assessment of victimization and bullying and the consequence of children’s confiding for further victimization

Rosana Choy, Fabiola Henostroza & Vicente Rodriguez – BULLYING PREDISPOSITION TEST

Ada Johansson, Miia Sainiob, Elisa Poskiparta & Christina Salmivallli – Genetic and environmental effects on bullying and victimization, as well as moderation of these effects by the KiVa antibullying intervention

Baard Vorpvik Skraasta & Jane Riese – Venn and Friends International Friendship Exchange: A Cross-Cultural Class Meeting and Pen-Pal program

Gaëlle Ouvrein – “Watch out for those watching Hollywood” The association between celebrity news consumption and cyberbullying celebrities and peers

Hedda Marx & Prof M. J. Boulton – Predicting adolescents’ intentions to support victims of bullying from perceived reactions of friends versus peers.

Juliane Ulbricht – Teacher intervention in bullying – a comparison of frequencies and intervention styles among pre-service, beginning and experienced teachers

Kristin Haraldstad – The association between bullying, self-effi cacy and HRQoL in a population of children and adolescents

Sarah Gardner, Lucy R. Betts, James Stiller & Janine Coates – Coping with School-Based Peer-Victimisation: The Conditional Effect of Friendship Conflict

TUESDAY MAY 9TH, 13.45 – 15.00

Peter Macaulay & Michael Boulton – behaviour in response to traditional/cyber bullying scenarios: a consideration of empathy and severity

Saskia Niproschke – Do the teacher-student relation and forms of bullying influence the teachers’ intervention in real bullying situations?

Dr. Johanna Lundqvist – Children’s views of early school years: Needs and values

Karin Hellfeldt – Understanding and identifying preschool developmental pathways to early school adjustment

Judith Velasco, Álvaro Ros, Gonzalo Garrido & Oriol Pi – Implementation of the GSA model as a tool to fight against homophobic bullying in Spanish schools

Eleanor Formby – Exploring approaches to address homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying within the UK

Patricia Evelyn Pasaribu – Senior-Junior Bullying Phenomenon: From The Perspective of Moral Disengagement and Empathy

Margaret Kempton & Sally Christie – Strong Kind and Respectful (SKAR). A community wide approach to building empathy, reducing bullying and making change in Aotearoa New Zealand